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Victoria and Abdul soundtrack

Victoria and Abdul Name: Victoria and Abdul
Release year: 2017

Composer: Thomas Newman
Released on: 22/Sep/2017
Label: Backlot Music
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 32
Soundtrack details
  1. Diamond Jubilee (Trad.)
  2. Agra Gaol
  3. Civilization!
  4. Victoria Regina
  5. Quenelle with Regency Sauce, Etc
  6. The Queen's Gaze
  7. Jelly
  8. The Wickedness of Children
  9. O'Sullivan's March (Trad.)
  10. Florence
  11. Loch Muick
  12. Glassalt Shiel
  13. The Munshi Returns
  14. Unveiled
  15. Peacock Throne
  16. The Mango Is Off
  17. All the Riches of the Orient
  18. Mutiny Lesson
  19. Knocked for Six
  20. Process Turn Bow Present
  21. The Only Way Is Down
  22. Racialists
  23. A Deputation
  24. The Emperor's Egg
  25. Certified Insane
  26. Sons of the Brave
  27. Resign to My Face
  28. Banquet Hall of Eternity
  29. The Empress of India
  30. Victoria & Abdul
  31. Munshi Mania
  32. Gain the Ocean (End Title)
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