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Shrek (score) movie soundtrack

Name: Shrek (score)
Release year: 2001

Composer: Harry Gregson-Williams
Released on: 04/Dec/2001
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 27
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Fairytale
  2. Ogre Hunters/Fairytale Deathcamp
  3. Donkey Meets Shrek
  4. Eating Alone
  5. Uninvited Guests
  6. March of Farquuad
  7. The Perfect King
  8. Welcome to Duloc
  9. Tournament Speech
  10. What Kind of Quest
  11. Dragon!/Fiona Awakens
  12. One Of a Kind Knight
  13. Saving Donkey's Ass
  14. Escape from the Dragon
  15. Helmet Hair
  16. Delivery Boy Shrek/Making Camp
  17. Friends Journey to Duloc
  18. Starry Night
  19. Singing Princess
  20. Better Out Than In/Sunflower/I'll Tell Him
  21. Merry Men
  22. Fiona Kicks Ass
  23. Fiona's Secret
  24. Why Wait To Be Wed/You Thought Wrong
  25. Ride the Dragon
  26. I Object
  27. Transformation/The End
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