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Ronin movie soundtrack
Ronin Name: Ronin
Release year: 1998

Composer: Elia Cmiral
Released on: 22/Sep/1998
Label: Varese Sarabande
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 26
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Ronin Theme
  2. Team Assembles
  3. A New Friendship
  4. The Case
  5. The Exchange
  6. The Getaway
  7. Thank You
  8. Metro
  9. Sam And Spencer
  10. Safehouse In Nice
  11. Carousel For Little Tamao
  12. Taking Photos
  13. Et Toi, Comment Ca Va?
  14. Passion
  15. This Is The Day
  16. Sinister Gregor
  17. Arles
  18. Gunfight At The Ampitheater
  19. The Girl Sold Us Out
  20. You Can't Kill Me
  21. The Ronin Myth
  22. Wrong Way
  23. Sam Goes For The Case
  24. I Came For Seamus
  25. You Are A Dead Man
  26. Good Knowing You
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