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Possession movie soundtrack

Possession Name: Possession
Release year: 2002

Composer: Gabriel Yared
Released on: 20/Aug/2002
Label: RCA Victor
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 21
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Ramon Vargas - Possesso (Aria)
  2. The British Museum
  3. Gentle Possession
  4. Discovering the Letters
  5. Maud and Roland in North Yorkshire
  6. Christabel's Room
  7. Maud and Roland
  8. Blanche's Diary
  9. Etude to Christabel
  10. Let Down Your Hair
  11. Dolly Hides a Secret
  12. Possession
  13. Reading the Letters
  14. Blanche's Suicide
  15. Exile in Brittany
  16. Renewed Correspondence
  17. You Have a Daughter
  18. Journey to Whitby
  19. A Hotel Room in Whitby
  20. Poignant Thoughts
  21. Possession
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Author: Email: ljmedendorp[at]yahoo.com [12/Jul/2007]

Is Possesso (aria) available in sheet music? Is there a translation available?

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