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Mama soundtrack

Mama Name: Mama
Release year: 2013

Composer: Fernando Velazquez
Released on: 14/Jan/2013
Label: Quartet Records
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 18
Soundtrack details
  1. The Car and the Radio
  2. The Encounter and Main Title
  3. Helvetia
  4. A New Home
  5. What Happens Now?
  6. Voices from the Other Room
  7. Observation Room
  8. Victoria and Mama
  9. The Painted Wall / The Doll
  10. Desange Folder
  11. Scare and Lucas Wake Up
  12. Wilson Pass
  13. Vic in the Laptop Archive
  14. You Guys Talk a Lot!
  15. Last Hypno
  16. Good Night
  17. Mama Fight
  18. Last Reel
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