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Disturbing Behavior (score) movie soundtrack
Disturbing Behavior (score) Name: Disturbing Behavior (score)
Release year: 1998

Composer: Mark Snow
Released on: 28/Jul/1998
Label: Sonic Images
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 12
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Main Title
  2. The New Gavin
  3. Dead Neck /Rowboat
  4. Rat Man Revealed
  5. Bad, Wrong, Wrong, Bad / Used To Be Friends
  6. Chug's Libido
  7. Double Wide /Unplugged At Bishop Flats
  8. The Salute /Big Rat
  9. Dickie's Induction / Who's Your Daddy
  10. Evil Chairs
  11. Safe Ferry /Finale
  12. Disturbing Behavior: The Trailer
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