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A Kid in King Arthur's Court movie soundtrack

Name: A Kid in King Arthur's Court
Release year: 1995

Composer: J.A.C. Redford
Label: Disney
Number of CDs: 1
Total tracks: 22
Movie soundtrack details
  1. Kid in King Arthur's Court
  2. Strike out/Earthquake
  3. Captured in Camelot
  4. Combat Rock
  5. Now Let Us Eat1
  6. Merlin's Lair
  7. Two Modest Proposals
  8. Successful Swording
  9. Law of the Land
  10. Calvin and Katie
  11. Plot Thickens
  12. Between You and Me/Under Arrest
  13. You Do Care
  14. Horses to Water
  15. Rescuing Katie
  16. Fight in the Castle/Sir Calvin
  17. Tourmament
  18. Black Magic
  19. In Shining Armor
  20. Warm Goodbyes/Home Run
  21. Kid in King Arthur's Court
  22. Conscience of the King
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