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3. Oz the Great and Powerful
4. Winter Guest
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The Butler [release date 08/Oct/2013]
Rodrigo Leao - Louis Leaves, Gladys Knight - You And I Ain't Nothin' No More (Piano & Vocal Version), The Meditation Singers - I'm Determined To Run This Pl...
Kick-Ass 2 [release date 20/Aug/2013]
James Flannigan - Yeah Yeah, Hanni El Khatib - Nobody Move, Union J - Carry You, Chloe Howl - No Strings, Lemon - Pussy Drop, Danko Jones - Dance, The Bees - A ...
Despicable Me 2 [release date 18/Jun/2013]
CeeLo Green - Scream, The Minions - Another Irish Drinking Song, Pharrell Williams - Just a Cloud Away, Pharrell Williams - Happy, The Minions - I Swear, The Mi...
Identity Thief [release date 05/Mar/2013]
Ty Taylor - It's The End Of The Road, Did You See That?, One More Present, Off To Work, How About A Raise?, Is That A Woman?, Drugs, Guns, And Hobbits, The Skip...
Oz the Great and Powerfu... [release date 05/Mar/2013]
Main Titles, A Serious Talk, Oz Revealed, A Strange World, Where Am I?/Schmooze-A-Witch, Fireside Dance, Meeting Finley, The Emerald Palace, Treasure Room/Monke...
Into Thin Air (Death on Everest) (TV)
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
Zodiac (Score)

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